Particulars of Master Plan


Sl. No. Item Details
1 Area of General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) 6143.04Extent in Acres
2 Area of the Municipality 28.00 Sq. Kms
3 Villages covered in General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) Names of Revenue villages
4 Overall Land use allocation break up Details of Survey Nos. with villages showing land use
5 Locality-wise land use description Names of localities with land use
6 Proposed road widths Name of the arterial / important road with width
7 Heritage buildings and precincts Names of the buildings with location
8 Change of land use cases approved by the Government Survey No. with name of villages
9 Approved layouts
  1. 815/2

extent of land 968.00 Sq. yrds

  1. Sy. Nos. 1458, 1459 & 1460

extent of land 1200 Sq. yrds

10 Land use Zoning regulations
11 Villages and Survey Nos. likely to be affected by road proposals and other reservations for parks, play grounds and civic amenities – Nil –
12 Layout and subdivision regulations As per G.O. Ms. No. 902,dt:31-12-2007
13 Control on building height/FSI/FAR/ground coverage etc As per G.O. Ms. No. 168,dt:07-04-2012